About us


NingxiaBaichuan Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Jiangsu Baichuan High-Tech NewMaterials Co., Ltd. (Baichuan Stock in short, Stock Code: 002455). The companyis mainly engaged in the research, development and production ofenvironmentally friendly and energy-saving fine chemical products. By makingfull use of the production and management advantages of Baichuan Stock'soriginal fine chemical products, and relying on the industrial supportingadvantages of Ningdong Base, the company has extended the industrial chain,with main products including n-butylaldehyde/isobutyraldehyde, butanol/octanol,polyols and their by-products, all of which are widely used in the industriesof photocuring coatings, powder coatings, water-based coatings, inks and so on.

Product Overview

Relying on the industrial supporting advantagesof Ningdong Base, Ningxia Baichuan Technology Co., Ltd. has extended the industrialchain from coal gasification to aldehydes, monohydric alcohols, polyols and theirby-products. The leading products - trimethylolpropane, neopentyl glycol andn-isobutyrald…